Our Camps

Leadership Camp & Robot Camp 2015

This August, we launched our first programs to help the highest potential youth
 in the country engage in leadership development, technology skills, and engineering training. These holiday camps were been built in partnership with top educators at Harvard University and the African Leadership Academy. In these camps, students had the opportunity to develop the skills that they will need to use the latest technology and solve the toughest problems facing Kenya and the world. Stay tuned to learn about more camps in the coming months!

Facilitators & Speakers

Jabari Smith


Global motivational Speaker

Michelle Ngure

michele ngure

Program Manager, Global Minimum

Frank Tamre

Frank tamre

Curriculum Head and Founder, Moringa School

Roy Ombati

roy ombati

Co-Founder Fablab Robotics

Leadership Camp

In partnership with the African Leadership Academy


All of our camps are held at Brackenhurst Centre in Limuru, which has ample facilities for learning as well as outdoor activities.


At leadership camp, students hone their communication skills, working in teams and getting comfortable presenting in front of an audience.


Students work on their presentations with the guidance of a facilitator.


At Nova, students are active participants in their own learning, and drive the process through asking questions and developing their own solutions.


Students work together and collaborate to understand different perspectives and learn to engage dynamically with a team.


Students use critical thinking skills to analyze issues, and learn to share their ideas with confidence.

Robot Camp

In partnership with Harvard University


At Robot Camp, students are introduced to advanced programming and coding and learn to design the code themselves.


In spite of our strong focus on technology, students have plenty of time to play outdoors and develop friendships through sports.


Beyond simply developing their technology and engineering skills, students also learn the critical presentation skills so that they can communicate what they’ve built to the group.


Students practice on micro robots developed at Harvard University.


Students also get the opportunity to program larger robots, and learn to develop increasingly sophisticated code over the course of the camp.


Students learn first hand about the life of a programmer from experts and entrepreneurs, like Frank Tamre of Moringa School.